About That Night I had a Perfect Score…

The Mack Foundation is designed to promote unity, security, responsibility and versatility through a positive atmosphere for today’s youth. A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of hosting a bowling night for the community in Utah.

I have to say I really started off bowling kind of bad… Not bowling gutter ball after gutter ball but close… HA! (NO LIE) The kids were showing me up.

We gave away gift bags took a lot of pictures and I personally went to every lane to meet every family. It always feels great to be able to put a smile on a kids face.

My favorite memory was when a kid from Boys & Girls Club came over to get a basketball signed. He was the happiest ever; sharing how this was the BEST day of his life. Whenever you are able to impact someone in such an a positive way, DO IT! It’s always bigger than you. We are here to make the world a better place. #ThinkPositive

Shortly after, George Hill showed D. Favors and I a pointer or two on the lanes. I learned to spin the ball and began to get a few strikes back to back. Don’t be surprised if you see the Utah Jazz basketball team in your local bowling alley on an off night. Haa!

Special thanks to the Utah Jazz, my teammates, as well as the sponsors: Strikes for Kids, The Smile GenerationG3 Consulting LLC ; and the entire staff at Fat Cat’s Utah.

We had a great time… Here are a few pictures… Enjoy!

P.S. I did NOT bowl a perfect score, BUT

I did have a perfect score

with the kids!


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Javar Gholson